Do It With Debit

If you use your Liberty Higher One Card to make purchases, you can track all your expenses online with your Liberty Higher One Card OneAccount and really take control of your spending. Your Debit MasterCard® teamed with the OneAccount is the easy, convenient way to simplify your financial life.

Your Liberty Higher One Card is without a doubt the most convenient way to buy the things you need on campus, or off. Carrying your card is safer than carrying around a lot of cash, and using it to make purchases is so much easier than writing a check.

Purchasing Power
It's hard to purchase online with cash, and many retailers don't accept personal checks. That's why it's great to have your Liberty Higher One Card accepted at millions of locations that accept Debit MasterCard®. Usually you would have to pre-qualify for a Debit MasterCard®, but as a student at Liberty University you get the power of Debit MasterCard® as a benefit of being enrolled.

ZERO Liability
If you lose cash, it's easy for someone to pick it up and use it. Higher One offers you peace of mind by providing the MasterCard® Zero Liability policy when you make signature based purchases with your Debit MasterCard. Zero Liability means you are eligible for protection against fraudulent purchases made with your card. Be sure to always safeguard your card and report a card theft promptly. Learn more about terms and details of the Zero Liability policy provided by Higher One.

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Do It With Debit
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